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HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve – 1oz

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Multi-Purpose Herbal Infused Salve for Deep Relief


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As a topical Multi-Purpose Med Remedy Salve, there are many benefits like DEEP PENETRATING at the CELLULAR NANO level, RELIEF from all types of ACHES, IRRITATIONS, SORES, CRACKED DRY SKIN, and much more.


ALL ORGANIC Made in America


“ I had this rash that I have had for years. After using HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve for several weeks the rash is gone. I have a couple of spots on my face, above my eyebrow, and one of my cheeks and the opposite side of my face, a dark age spot that used to only be there if I had been in the sun. I have been using my HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve on those two places and happy to say they are getting smaller and smaller. The dark spot has actually been fading since I used HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve on it. It’s amazing to see that happening. It takes the pain away also. Not just when it is hurting, but it seems to have decreased the constant pain. It’s such a relief to have it on bad days and get almost instant relief. I love this HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve product and many more that has been shared with us. HydraZorb™ products have worked wonders in our life!!!”   

---Helen F.


“HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve has been an amazing product. I am a gardener and my hands and fingers are sore in the mornings when I wake up. After putting on the HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve my hands definitely feel better. I've used it for various ailments and I definitely see and feel improvements.” 

---Stefano C.


“I am a mountain bike rider and tennis player (both these sports have led to my injury) In November of 2019 I was playing tennis and I had a tennis ball hit hard at me and I felt severe pain in my right index finger and middle finger. I met with a hand specialist and I spent 4 months trying steroid shots and wearing a brace to protect it and heal the torn ligaments. In March 2020, the hand specialist ordered an MRI and my ligament was detached on my index finger. I had surgery to reattach the ligament. This surgery entailed putting an anchor and screws in my index finger to reattach it. Since the surgery I had constant inflammation in my right hand. My doctor said it looked like there was 1 lb of weight (inflammation). At that point I realized I was allergic to the metal that was in the screws that were put in my finger. I have turned to prayer, meditation and the HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve. I use the salve 4 times a day and apply it to my scar and I use the tinctures 2 times a day for pain. The inflammation has gone down. The pain has been manageable. I am grateful for the HydraZorb™ products. I know that my prayers have been answered. One of those answers is being led to use HydraZorb™ products.” 

---Kath C.


“HydraZorb™ product has brought new energy and strength back into my life or more like life style. Born and raised in Hawaii, most of my free time has always been spent in the Ocean or Mountains. Surfing has always been #1 in my life, but when I turned forty(40),the strain on my neck and shoulders became too much. I know longer had the stamina nor the strength to enjoy the activity and it took days for my body to recover. The very first day of trying HydraZorb™ products there was a difference. I’m fifty-five (55) years old now and I’m Surfing more now than ever, matter of fact there are days now where I surf twice a day! These products have had life changing effects in my life. Strength, Stamina, Sleep, Endurance, Flexibility and Recovery time have all been Enhanced by the use of this HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve. Thank You HydraZorb™ for Enhancing my Quality of Life. May God continue to bless your company in all that you dream to do.” 

---Aloha Todd T. 


“ I have cancer tumors on my neck, chest and into my breast, at times it flares up and gets very tender and inflamed, I rub HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve on me morning and night to help reduce the pain and inflammation. It's one of my favorite HydraZorb™ products."

---Verna B.


“I LOVE every single HydraZorb™ product I have tried. Absolutely amazing products. Top of the list to have in your wellness arsenal. The Water, The Total-3 Copper, Gold Silver Shield & Med Remedy Salve are all part of my daily routine.  Thanks HydraZorb™!” 

---Justin A.


“Having suffered with psoriasis for many years I’ve tried almost every cream and salve going. Some worked better than others, but I never found one that worked consistently. Invariably I’d end up using a combination of steroid based creams from the doctor, and over the counter moisturizers. I first tried the HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve to help with pain in my knee, something it did very well. I noticed that it also cleared up a patch dry skin that was there. I went on to use it on my hands and other areas with brilliant results. It really is the most effective, quickest working product that I have ever used. I swear by it now, and even have it shipped all the way to the UK! I wouldn’t use anything else. Thank you HydraZorb™!”

---Chris R.


“Three weeks ago I hit my shin on the corner of the dishwasher. (I have had a harder time healing from wounds since my open heart surgery). The wound swelled up and days later it became an open wound. I tried all my regular remedies, but nothing worked. A couple days ago I put the HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve directly on the open sore and this morning it was healed over!  This is a "must have" from now on!”

---David C.


“Should I say, the Fountain of Youth? I have been on crutches for 11 months, due to both hips being injured. The pain in my hips, lower back and buttocks is 24/7. Although at times pain seems everywhere. Fore being very healthy and athletic most of my life, this current state of mine seems very painfully foreign to me. I… have been taking regularly the HydraZorb™ products. I apply the HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve directly to my hip area several times a day, as well. Now I no longer take nearly as much prescription or over-the-counter pain meds and I expect this process to increase! That is the great news… I can’t think of anything that I have changed in my life in the last three weeks but using  HydraZorb™ products. Thank you, HydraZorb!”  

---Dianiah C.

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2 reviews for HydraZorb™ Med Remedy Salve – 1oz

  1. Denise (verified owner)

    Just started using this product!

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Bought it for my father to use for knee pain. He’s noticed it helping in a short period of time.

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