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HydraZorb™ Hemp Tincture – 30ml

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POWERED by HydraZorb™ ISO HEMP Active Cellular Nano Water Soluble technology for X-CELL-ERATED Absorption



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HydraZorb™ ISO HEMP is POWERED by the HydraZorb™ Technology which allows for FULL Bio-Availability to the body to achieve OPTIMAL Health & Wellness success with no chemicals. It’s the MOST ADVANCED delivery technology known (Learn more here). The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is one of the most fundamental physiological systems in our bodies, it’s responsible for maintaining homeostasis (balance) in the body. When this system isn’t functioning properly, we start experiencing pain, sleep difficulties, fatigue, and a whole host of other symptoms. When the ECS is supported and working properly with HydraZorb™ HEMP products each of the systems in the body typically work at their BEST.  POWERED by HydraZorb™ ISO HEMP Active Cellular Nano Water Soluble technology for X-CELL-ERATED Absorption


See Testing Results for our Hemp Products here.

HydraZorb™ Hemp is only made from 100% USA grown Hemp

ALL ORGANIC Made in America This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA.




“I have been using HydraZorb™ Hemp and wanted to share how it has helped me… I was having pain in both of my knees… After a few months of taking HydraZorb™ Hemp tincture my knee pain was gone! I have been swishing HydraZorb™ Hemp tincture in my mouth and making sure my teeth and gums get saturated with it. My last two 6 month dental checkups have shown that I do not have any cavities. I only wish I have found this product much sooner for my dental health! My sister had a detached ligament in her finger, and had surgery to correct it. After the surgery she suffered with a lot of swelling and pain in her hand. She is now taking the HydraZorb™ Hemp tincture and the swelling as well as her pain level is improving. Her doctor told her to keep taking this product as she could tell it was helping my sister.” 

—Yvonne J.

“I started using HydraZorb™ Hemp Products after taking up running in my late 30’s. Running has been wonderful for my overall health but I found that I was having problems with moderate muscle soreness and inflammation after my long runs. I started taking HydraZorb™ Hemp tinctures daily, the week before and week after, running in half or full marathons. It was evident, to me, that I was recovering much faster once I started using the HydraZorb™ Hemp tinctures, I definitely recommend this product for anyone looking to recover faster.” 

—Darrin J.

“I am a mountain bike rider and tennis player (both these sports have led to my injury) In November of 2019 I was playing tennis and I had a tennis ball hit hard at me and I felt severe pain in my right index finger and middle finger. I met with a hand specialist and I spent 4 months trying steroid shots and wearing a brace to protect it and heal the torn ligaments. In March 2020, the hand specialist ordered an MRI and my ligament was detached on my index finger. I had surgery to reattach the ligament. This surgery entailed putting an anchor and screws in my index finger to reattach it. Since the surgery I had constant inflammation in my right hand. My doctor said it looked like there was 1 lb of weight (inflammation). At that point I realized I was allergic to the metal that was in the screws that were put in my finger. I have turned to prayer, meditation and I increased my dose HydraZorb™ Hemp tinctures, and the HydraZorb™ Hemp Med Remedy Salve. I use the salve 4 times a day and apply it to my scar and I use the tinctures 2 times a day for pain. The inflammation has gone down. The pain has been manageable. I am grateful for the HydraZorb™ Hemp products. I know that my prayers have been answered. One of those answers is being led to use HydraZorb™ Hemp products.” 

—Kath C.

“I am 52 years old and have always been physically fit and active. However the past several months I began to experience hip pain and some achy joints too. It turns out to be bursitis, inflammation of the bursa sac and So I was told to ice and take anti-inflammatory. I don’t like taking pain medication, and know it’s not good for the gut, especially long term. So I tried the HydraZorb™ Hemp tinctures drops and I love the lemon flavored one best! It helped me sleep, ease the pain and best of all doesn’t hurt my stomach! I like a more natural approach and this was a great alternative! I’d recommend it to others for sure.” 

—Rochelle L.

“HydraZorb™ Hemp product has brought new energy and strength back into my life or more like life style. Born and raised in Hawaii, most of my free time has always been spent in the Ocean or Mountains. Surfing has always been #1 in my life, but when I turned forty(40),the strain on my neck and shoulders became too much. I know longer had the stamina nor the strength to enjoy the activity and it took days for my body to recover. The very first day of trying HydraZorb™ Hemp there was a difference. I’m fifty-five (55) years old now and I’m Surfing more now than ever, matter of fact there are days now where I surf twice a day! These products have had life changing effects in my life. Strength, Stamina, Sleep, Endurance, Flexibility and Recovery time have all been Enhanced by the use of this HydraZorb™ Hemp. Thank You HydraZorb™ Hemp for Enhancing my Quality of Life. May God continue to bless your company in all that you dream to do.” 

—Aloha Todd T. 

“ I have cancer tumors on my neck, chest and into my breast, at times it flares up and gets very tender and inflamed, I rub HydraZorb™ Hemp Med Remedy Salve on me morning and night to help reduce the pain and inflammation. One of my favorite HydraZorb™ products is the Full Spectrum Hemp. I suffer from insomnia and it would take an hour or so for me to fall asleep, and if I woke up in the night again another hour or longer to go back to sleep. It was very frustrating, I started taking the HydraZorb™ Full Spectrum Hemp at bed time, I instantly noticed I was falling asleep faster and staying asleep through the night. What a relief, Full Spectrum Hemp you are my new best friend.” 

—Verna B.

“I LOVE every single HydraZorb™  product I have tried.Absolutely amazing products. Top of the list to have in your wellness arsenal.The Water, Hemp tinctures, Nano Silver & Gold, Med Remedy Salve are all part of my daily routine.  Thanks HydraZorb™!” 

–Justin A.

“Should I say, the Fountain of Youth? I have been on crutches for 11 months, due to both hips being injured. The pain in my hips, lower back and buttocks is 24/7. Although at times pain seems everywhere. Fore being very healthy and athletic most of my life, this current state of mine seems very painfully foreign to me. I… have been taking regularly the HydraZorb™ Hemp Cellular Nano Full Spectrum D8, HydraZorb™ Hemp tincture, and Structured CGS Shield. I apply the HydraZorb™ Hemp Med Remedy Salve directly to my hip area several times a day, as well. Now I no longer take nearly as much prescription or over-the-counter pain meds and I expect this process to increase! That is the great news… I can’t think of anything that I have changed in my life in the last three weeks but using  HydraZorb™ products. Thank you, HydraZorb!”  

—Dianiah C.

“…I’ve been in the healthcare industry for over 14 years. Having owned two natural health food stores, I certainly understand natural supplements. For this reason, the HydraZorb™ products are some of the only supplements we use in our home! The research, the quality, the incredible absorption of the products, the integrity of the business, and by far the health benefits have led me to believe this is one of the best emerging companies in the natural health world. Our family uses the Structured Essential Minerals in all of our water. The structured CGS Shield, Full Spectrum Hemp, water soluble Hemp CBD, 5g Metal Detox Zeolite, and their Structured Silver are also used on a daily/regular basis. I recommend these products to all of my students and clients worldwide. I am honored to personally know the owners, and to have watched their products bless the lives of many. Quite honestly, I believe if the world of healthcare products followed in their footsteps, we would see far less dis-ease, cancer, pain, and suffering. Thank you HydraZorb™!” 

–Karen U.

HHP, TNC, HHC And CEO of Holistic Health Educators

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Tincture Flavor

30ml (Cinnamon Vanilla), 30ml (Lemon), 30ml (Mint)

2 reviews for HydraZorb™ Hemp Tincture – 30ml

  1. Merlene (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these products. My health is improving because of them. I especially like the mint CBD! It has helped tremendously with my pain and helps me to get a good nights sleep. I highly recommend these products!

  2. Merlene S. (verified owner)

    I have rectal cancer. This CBD product helps relieve the pain, helps me sleep, helps me stay calm, all with little to no side effects. My favorite is the mint flavor! I highly recommend this CBD!!!

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